Because Freddie deserves a monument!

Because Freddie deserves a monument!

Julio A. Roca, Bernardino Rivadavia, Bartolom√© Miter among many other “heroes” of Argentina’s history have something in common, and do not speak the start of the external debt of our country, not the cowardly genocide of our indigenous peoples, or the extermination of our Paraguay brothers, talking about hundreds of monuments, names of streets and avenues, and even the banknotes and coins we use every day … All were unfairly honored (not by the people) despite their crimes and aberrations, while many other heroes and freedom fighters as Er nesto “Che” Guevara recently in June 2008 took his deserved monument.

And if we talk of freedom, to mor, peace, and music … talk about Freddie Mercury, who [ll eno] our lives with plenty of memorable melodies, who once did not sing his song, who is not imitated in the mirror in her room when no one was watching, who shook his head no with Wayne and his friends when they put “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the stereo the car? … YO SI!, And I’m sure many of you also.

Queen was the first foreign rock band to be remembered in South America, in these times we visit the most prestigious bands of the moment, but it was Freddie and his friends who gave us the honor to play for us first in a series of impressive concerts that even today those who were fortunate enough to witness them, remember them with emotion because at that time to attend a massive event of such magnitude was banned by the military dictatorship. They were, are and will be tireless fighters for human rights, much more than what we say about those “heroes” naming the streets where we walk.

Freddie deserves a monument, and even more!, Join this project and is part of an act of love to those who gave us so much happiness with his musical legacy, the November 24, 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of his departure, us show that even We remember, and yet we love it. Bronze with a donation from every corner of Argentina can do it! Take a minute to visit this page and find out how you can help make this tribute reality!.

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