Had lots to do at work due to the fact that I was on my induction all day yesterday! Vry unexciting evening spent chilling out in the bath for an hour where I washed and conditioned my hair, did a face mask and used some lovely Vitamin E face wash from the Body Shop, shaved my legs and scrubbed my minging feet with pumice stone!
Decided I was a Super Chef and made huge lasagne which I ate half of and freezed the other half. Used turkey mince which was actually very nice and low in fat, and had no cheese on the top :( Spent most of the evening chatting on the net and talking to Dan!


My Induction at Work!!!! I have been there just under 2 months now so that was quite quick compared to some of the other people there! Had some talks from various people in the Agency and also from the counselling service! Think I might need it already! We got free biscuits at break time and a free lunch which was rather fattening but I wasn’t complaining due to the fact it was free! Learnt some exciting facts, for example, the Highways Agency is worth 60 billion pounds :) Dan came over in the evening and we sorted the router meaning we can all go on the net at the same time, then were about to make some food when my housemate Jo and her boyfriend Eddie came in and ordered pizza so I was talked in to having it too- We had a HUGE 16″New Yorker Pizza from Pizza Hut and I could feel the fat dripping off it!! Yummy! Watched Bridget Jones’s Diary for the second time in a week then went off to bed!


Well, its 11.30pm and I’m in my room, in the house all on my own which is a bit scary! Ross hass been over tonight and we watched Romeo and Juliet- even after studying it at school, we had no clue what they were talking about most of the way through but then at least we knew the plot! I had a can of Fosters, as left by James on my birthday weekend. Just got off the phone to Dan!

18/07/03 – I went over to Dans and got there about 5pm, I was asleep and dribbling all over his pillow by the time he got back from work at 5.45! We cooked Cottage Pie and it was so yummy- I was very naughty and had some cheese on it which was left over from the party and had been tempting me all week! It was so yummy and we were both very full up afterwards. I love that feeling:) I really like cooking with Dan, I had no idea really now to cook before going out with him as Karen used to cook everything, but he has really taught me lots and I enjoy spending time with him , doing something he taught me :)

19/07/03 – We had a very lazy day on the computer, James came over in the evening and we got to work on our DTHS website, and managed to finish alot of it, without Dan getting in too much of a mood, and we had a lovely chicken stir fry cooked by Dan, chilled out and watched Bridget Jones’s Diary, a suprise present from Rich! (Thanks). Dropped James back of at the station and went off to bed!

20/07/03 – Dan got up at 9am and I didn’t! 12pm and I crawled out of bed, Dan fed me grapefruit, toast and cereal and then I was alive :) We worked on the websites again and also went to Sainsburys, we now have lots of nectar points, not really sure how useful they are though! Had a lovely, relaxed evening together and went to bed nice and early as I was getting up at 6.30 am the next morning!

21/07/03 – Drove back to Bristol at 6.30am which no underwear on and my hair a total mess, glad I didn’t have an accident- how embaressing would that be! Got back and showered, made it to work by 8.10. Morning- a bit of work to do. Lunchtime- went to town with Andy. Afternoon- very little to do, got magnetic labels and relabelled the filing cabinet, may relabel it again tomorrow using pretty colours, depending on the amount of work I have (which will be very little I think!). Home, Food, Video, talked to Dan, Internet, Bed! What an exciting evening.

Time for bed now, Night xx


I’m freezing and Bored! Woke up this morning having a full 7 hours sleep for the first night in ages! Managed to even leave for work at 7.20am! It was raining when I left the house so I took my umbrella but no coat thinking this would be fine- then it was windy and the top on my umbrella fell off so I had to walk the rest of the way getting wet and cold! Finally got to work at 7.40 and realised that I had cut my hand, must have been when the umbrella broke, and I had blood all over my hand! Dried off and sat down at my desk realising that I have nothing to do for the whole day! Its now 1pm and I have not done anything at all apart from watch some videos on planning law and presentation skills that were being shown today! Half way through Bridget Jones’s Diary that I started yestersday- I can’t wait to get home and have a nice chilled out evening!


Oh my God, its so HOT!!!!!!!!!!! Its 10pm and still as hot as it was during the day but I’m sure everyone else is having the same problem!!!!!! I had a fantastic weekend- Thanks to everyone that made it to the party and those who have left messages on here! Me, Dan and Ross had a fun trip to the beach on Sunday (Weston-Super-Mare), whilst me and Ross attempted to get to the sea, we got stuck in the mud and the sea was still nowhere in site and Dan sat on the beach complaining with my sarong over his head! Bless him :)
Pizza on Monday with Alec, Mappy, Jacki, Ross and Helena (Jacki’s housemate!) which was very yummy- Chicken Satay Pizza! YUMMMM! Work has been boring and hot for the last two days although I had slightly more to do as I had a couple of days off last week! Watch this space for updates!

Happy Birthday Sarah

My name is Dan. I am Sarah’s boyfriend. One of Sarah’s birthday presents is this weblog and the domain that it runs from, I am going to give her a link to the website on her birthday and she will then be able to read this post and find out about this present.

So, Sarah, here is your weblog :)

Lots of love,